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加餐面包印社,由产品及书籍设计师关暐成立于2011年,是中国第一家 Risograph 印刷工作室。发展至今目前工作室提供 Risograph 印刷GoccoPro 数字化制版丝网印刷等多种印刷方式。同时工作室也拥有配备齐全的用于手工书、小批量书籍制作的装订设备和裁切工具。印刷项目、团建活动、学校讲座请联系邮箱:info@pausebread.com 工作室地址:上海石泉路475号102室。


Pausebread Press, founded by product/book designer Wei Guan in 2011. Pausebread Press is the first risograph studio in China. It has built a basic recognition and knowledge about risograph printing in Chinese language sphere and for years spreading its printing education and operation for creatives and in universities.

The studio is also embraced by necessities of tools & equipment for book binding and small amount of book making dedicated to self publishing. Now the studio provides several alternative printing methods including Risograph, GoccoPro Silkscreen Printing, ComColor Digital Printing.

Printing service, workshop and lectures for printing course please contact email: info@pausebread.com; studio address: Room 102, Shiquan Rd.475, Shanghai.


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